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Decorating Unfinished Basement for Teen New Years Eve Party

10 years ago

My 16 year old daughter wants to have a New Years Eve party at our house which will, of course, be a supervised substance-free environment :)

We will have the main level of the house (family room, kitchen, bonus room with pool table) for socializing and food. The unfinished basement will be where the dance floor will be. And when I say unfinished basement, I really mean unfinished other than a painted concrete floor!

We will have one large area of the basement completely empty. We do need to crate some type of divider to close that area off from the other side which is a "hoarder's dream storage" area:)

With very little time during the busy holiday season, here are my questions/ideas so far:

1) There is silver insulation halfway up the concrete walls - should we remove this or leave it? The basement seems to be fairly warm. (We are in Ohio)

2) There is a fuse box with cords coming out and I would like to cover this with a poster or fabric but do not want to create a fire hazard.

3) We have several panels of plywood which we could attach to the floor joists to create a divider wall and we could paint these panels or attach fabric to them or we could hang fabric or sheets down from the floor joists. The length we need to cover is about 18 feet long. Any ideas for a creative attractive divider wall?

4) Attach strings of mini white lights to the ceiling. We are working with only 2 outlets. How many strings of lights could we plug into each outlet without blowing a fuse? Maybe 5?

5) Make white paper 3-d snowflakes and hang them from ceiling. Also, hang large silver ornaments with ribbons from the ceiling.

Any other cute low cost ideas?

I've always wished we had finished the basement but now I'm kind of glad not to worry about drywall and carpet getting ruined. Thanks for any creative ideas!!

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