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Installing Shower Doors with cast iron shower pan

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Our new bathroom has a Kohler cast iron shower pan for the 30"x60" alcove shower (total width is really about 57 1/2" after tile was installed). We are considering using Basco hinged shower doors, where one panel is fixed glass, and the shower door is about 28"-30" wide (it differs between models). Some doors are center hinged next to the fixed panel, and others have the hinge at the side frame.

I've read through the installation instructions for several models, and all have directions about securing the fixed panel and/or the shower hinge frame by drilling into the shower curb and securing it with screws. However, I'm not ready to drill holes in my expensive new cast iron pan, so I hope there are other attachment choices. Is my other option to use liquid nails or other construction adhesive, or is there some other way to attach the bottom channel to the cast iron pan?



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