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Show us Your Gardens - A photo thread - November 2019

NHBabs z4b-5a NH
4 years ago

This is a place to post photos and to discuss what is in your New England garden. All New England landscape and garden photos are welcome. Since autumn is nearing its end, we may see some remaining flowers and colorful foliage along with more photos of general garden evergreens, bark, berries, and scenery as well as indoor gardens and plants. If it is a photo taken in your New England garden or your yard in the month of November it is fair game to post it here.

Here are November threads from the last two years:

I sincerely hope that Houzz/Gardenweb gets its act together as far as posting photos. It has been quite glitchy for that last few weeks. I will add a photo or two in comments if I can get them to load.

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