Kitchen Small Appliance Storage - Suggestions?

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Trying to plan a kitchen remodel. One issue we want to resolve is that there isn't enough storage in the current kitchen for ALL of the small appliances, which means some are stored in the dining room, some literally sit on the kitchen floor (obstacle course, anyone?), some are in the basement (which means I rarely use them - by the time I dig it out and haul it upstairs - which can be problematic due to arthritis - which means sometimes I am walking with a cane, which can make it difficult to walk a flight of stairs, shut a basement door while holding the appliance and a cane (or using the stair rail for support).

Bottom line: I want all of my appliances in the kitchen. Considering make a pantry that would store the appliances I don't use every single day - basically a small closet, potentially dedicating one interior wall (44" wide) for appliance storage - but maybe there's a better idea? I've inventoried what I have, and am listing it all here so that hopefully I get some ideas.

Daily appliances - would store on counter-top or in a microwave shelf above counter-top level.

  1. Microwave: 22"w * 15.75"d * 12.5"h
  2. Coffeemaker: 8"w * 8.75"d * 11.25"h (when lid is closed; height is 18.75" when open)
  3. Toaster: 10.5"w * 12"d * 8"h (obviously need more height to put breads/bagels in to toast)
  4. Electric can opener: 5"w * 4"d * 8"h
  5. Nutritional food scale: 7.5"w * 10"d * 2"h (need more space around it to put a plate on)

Frequently-used/but not usually daily appliances - would like to store out-of-sight but accessible

  1. Rice Cooker: 11"w * 11"d * 10"h (when lid is closed; height is 17.5" when lid is open)
  2. Big crockpot: 17"w * 13"d * 10"h
  3. Dehydrator: 14"w * 14"d * 10"h

Less-frequently used (possibly because it's a pain to get to them currently - also want to store close by)

  1. Instant pot cooker: 14"w * 14"d * 14"h
  2. Belgian wafflemaker: 14"w * 8.5"d * 8"h (when lid is closed; height is 17" when lid is open)
  3. small connectable crockpots: 12"w * 12"d * 9"h (times a quantity of 3)
  4. Regular blender (this is when set up): 6.5"w * 9"d * 17"h
    if blender parts are separated for storage: bottom: 6.5"w * 9"d * 8"h & top: 8"w * 8*d * 11.5"h
  5. 3 dish slow cooker: 22.25"w * 11"d * 6.5" (when lids are closed; 10.25"h when lids are open)
  6. Ninja Blender (when set up): 8"w * 10"d * 18"h
    Ninja Blender if parts are separated for storage: bottom: 8"w * 10"d * 9"h; top: 8"w * 10"d * 11"h
  7. Nina food processor top: 10"w * 10"d * 12.25"h

The square footage needed to store the last two categories would be just over 12 square feet - and that would be assuming every piece was stored fully connected, with each appliance jammed up next to each other and no space separating any piece from any other piece. Ideally, I'd like one to two inches separating each piece from a piece stored next do it, just for ease of retrieval. If I had to (for some reason) store the daily used appliances, that be another 4.42 square feet.

Oh - and significant other would like to store a few other items:

Bissell steam vacuum cleaner

tall broom and dustpan

And I'd like to store a step stool in the kitchen/pantry area: 18"w * 4"d * 37"h so that I can reach shelves in upper cabinets (I'm short).

There's no mixer on the list because I currently do not have one.

The existing kitchen is 10'x13'; we are hoping to steal the adjacent dining room to make it a single space of 20'7"x13". The future combined space would need to meet all needs for storage, food prep, cooking, seating, and double as a space for a home office for me and homework for a teen.

How does everyone else store their various appliances? Assume space is at a premium.

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