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Another Win10 irritating desktop display issue.

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Got another irritating Win10 issue. Used to be that if I hovered the mouse over an application like notepad or irfanview on the bottom taskbar that had multiple instances open, it would show all of the instances in small images above the taskbar, and if you hovered above the taskbar over any of the small images, a full, original-size of that image would display (and all other progs open on the desktop would minimize). If I brought the mouse above & off that small image, it would all go back to display as before. Now when I hover over any prog on the taskbar, it only shows the small image(s) and hovering over that does nothing (clicking on it of course brings it fully up). Any ideas? Be a bit overkill to go back to a previous restore point, & not even sure that would work.

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