U Kitchen: 3 Layouts to Choose from! Which is best?

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I'm playing with layouts and wondering what's the best in your opinion to make the best use of space and storage? I realise it's all highly personal but with your views, I'll have a greater understanding. I'm looking at three options:

Option 1 has ample countertop space but less storage;

Option 2 extends a countertop to a peninsula; and

Option 3 adds a floor to ceiling cabinet.

I'm leaning towards Option 1 and extending the left side upper cabinets by 6" lower towards the countertop. The countertop peninsula (with a waterfall) is where we will sit for meals and fits at least 4 seats comfortably. Our base cabinets are standard, and the uppers are 14" deep and go up to the cieling. They are all 24" above the countertop in the layout.

*note I'm checking with the GC about the size of the walkway into the kitchen because the space doesn't appear drawn to scale. There's supposedly standard walkway space, so please ignore. If it's too small, the peninsula will have to shrink in width a few inches which will cut down on seating but a comfortable space for 4 is still possible.

Layout Option 1: Great countertop space, not so much storage.

The Peninsula will have drawers in the bottom where space available and elsewhere shelves so it's easier to access items. I love that there's lots of countertop space, but another lower cabinet for storage would be perfect. I could extend the upper cabinets on the left side lower towards the countertop so they are 18" above the countertop instead of 24" and gain some storage that way. The right side has a fan, so they can't be lowered and I like a clean line of same height. This might not close the space up as much as the other options below. It might be less expensive as well. What do you think?

Layout Option 2: Elongate the countertop - lose a seat, gain storage

To get more storage, I could add a lower and upper cabinet by the induction cooker and connect the space. But we lose a seat at the island, and add a storage corner. Does it feel like it would close up the space more?

Layout Option 3: Floor to Ceiling cabinet - lose countertop space, but gain storage

I could also get more storage by adding a floor to ceiling cabinet next to the fridge. The peninsula seating is unaffected. But I have less countertop space by the sink. Still, I'd have about 22" of countertop for prep, and a further 22" of corner prep area to the left. I might hit my elbow on the floor to ceiling cabinet though if I prep on the left. I could prep on the right and put a cutting board down over the induction cooker when needed. The schott glass should be durable enough for a cutting board on top. But the long cabinet may close up the space.


Below are mockups of Option 1 that I'm leaning towards...the cabinets on the Fridge side could drop 6" for more storage.

Can't wait to hear your opinions! Thanks in advance :)

Layout Option 1: Great countertop space, not much storage
Layout Option 2: Elongate countertop - lose a seat, gain storage
Option 3: Floor to Ceiling cabinet - lose countertop, gain storage

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