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Which layout do you like best for my awkward L shaped kitchen?

9 years ago

Hi! After taking GW's advice about budgetary concerns, we are about to select a contractor (woohoo!). Throughout the second round of bids, we got a wider variety of feedback. Recently, I've started to doubt the "final" layout our architect designed for us. I think her design is absolutely gorgeous, but it's not as functional as it could be.

I started playing on my own today to see what the design would look like with some changes, and I ended up with a rather different kitchen. Having just finished, I am quite pleased with my amateur design. However, before I ask our architect to redo quite a bit of work she thought was done, I would love to get some of your feedback to better understand the problem and opportunity areas of each option. Which do you prefer? What would you change?

A few important notes:
- We are opening up the load-bearing wall between the kitchen and living room, and the original design was OK'ed by the structural engineer. I don't know if my change would be, since it reduces the size of the beam (in between the poles). Removing the wall in its entirety unfortunately is not an option.
- The current location of the fridge is where the laundry would be (laundry is not currently inside); the range is in the middle of the shorter wall; sink remains in place in my design.
- We listened, and will be making all lowers drawers, no matter what the design.
- We are completely gutting the room, so anything is possible. However, we are trying to be as efficient as possible with our budget so try not to get too carried away!

And here are the designs:

And here are my rough updates:

Thanks in advance!

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