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Icons do not show as pictures and text blurry

3 years ago

This problem has been going on for several weeks, and I kept thinking that it would go away by itself but it has not.

The first problem is blurry text, and this happened right after a Windows update; I am using Windows 10 on a desktop computer that is less than two years old. The blurry text is only on the internet, but it is the same on both Firefox and Chrome. It is not an issue on word processor or other programs.

The second problem is more irritating: on Windows File Explorer the icons show as the program icon for my photo viewing program with "JPG", "TIF", etc at the upper left of a little box that is the program icon. When trying to post photos on line, the icons show up the same way, and I cannot see a preview of the photo to make sure I am selecting the right one. I have two image viewing programs that allow me to see previews of photos: HP Cartogra Photo Manager v1.0 and FastStone Image Viewer 6.3. I recently installed Double Commander 0.9.5 beta build 8947M, and it works fairly well but is not as good as FastStone. I am less concerned with getting File Explorer to work right, since the other programs can take its place, but I do need for icons to show as small photos when trying to post photos on line.

Do you think these problems are related? They started happening at the same time, but that could be a coincidence.

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