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Have you ever gotten yelled at by Zappo's? (sneaker quest)

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I am looking for sneakers.

I have a few pairs already that fit well and function well and are fine. But they are grey or black; I want sneakers that are cute, fun, maybe a little different.

They have to be comfortable enough for walking, but they aren't shoes that will be used for hiking or running marathons. So some sacrifice in function for form is ok. I have gotten into a habit of an hour walk most days, usually on paved roads, so that is what i need them for. I want something I look forward to putting on.

I have probably ordered about a dozen pair by now and a lot of the ones I thought were "fun" looked more comical than cute (on my size ten feet, perhaps). I have bought a lot from Zappos but I am actually wondering if they will cut me off for return after return (didn't someone here say a vendor had done that?)

Have you, BTW, delved into the world of sneakers lately? The variety (and prices) are whacky.

Do you have sneakers you particularly like for their looks?

My specs: NO leather or canvas (not enough give for walking IMHO), size 10M but cannot run narrow as one foot is wider than the other, pref ~$100 but will go to $200.

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