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Changes to Windows and the elderly

3 years ago

This is a complaint. I should probably send this to Microsoft.

Husband is 87 yrs old. Retired doctor and photographer. Has most of his photos saved on flash drives and has been using Win 7 for years. Before that, Win XP. Did fine with the transition to Win 7.

His Win 7 computer ran out of space and he couldn't edit his photos. I tried to get him to delete photos that weren't worth keeping, but he only deleted some, not enough to make a difference.

Our daughter decided to buy him a new laptop running Win 10 with a huge hard-drive (2T) and SS drive. Thought this would be great as I could transfer his photos over to the new computer.

I'm a bit younger than hubby (16yrs) and more comfortable dealing with computer changes, but the crap that Windows is now throwing at users might be fine for younger people but is hitting the elderly hard.

I have an older Win 10 which I learned to use a few years ago. He is flustered. He can't find how to find the drives on the computer showing how many space is left on his zillion drives. I tried to help him but I can't find it either. Put in a flash drive and in the past you go to My Computer and look at the drive and look at properties. I can do that on my older Win 10, but on his, can't find it. Can't figure out how to set up his desktop so he can have the shortcuts to the things he regularly uses.

Then, Windows keeps popping up telling him he needs to sign up for a Windows ID. We use Firefox and it keeps reverting to First Drive or whatever and I have to keep setting his default back to Firefox.

He's so confused and frankly depressed and feels he will never learn to use this new computer. I think it is terrible and agree the mess is more than I want to deal with. He waits till I get home to help and frankly, I'm stumped with the changes. I don't have time to keep trying to help him. If I took the computer and sat with it for a few days, I'd probably figure it out, but I know he won't remember the changes.

Sorry for the rant. I think Microsoft especially, should remember that the majority of their users are now elderly or getting there. I find Apple doesn't change their formats with each update. Microsoft is terrible, forcing you to sign up for a Microsoft Account, use Edge and their Apps, is terrible.

Can't return the computer now, will try to find a 'gentle tech person' who can set his machine up in a similar way to Win 7 (hopefully).

Sorry, no advice is needed.


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