Need help with floor plan, third bedroom size???

Eleanor Alden
last year
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We are building a second floor extension over our existing living room and mudroom so my space is defined by that foot print and is a little tighter than I would like. We have a toddler planning on definitely a second child and maybe a third(if we end up with one of each definitely stoping at twonotherwise we will wait to see what the dynamic is like and decide if we want a third)I can get two 12.5x10 rooms with good closets in easily the third room is tricky.I can get to 12'6"x9'8" maximum so not far off with a slightly smaller closet but pretty close just a couple of inches shorter but this leaves a pretty narrow(liveable but tight) hallway running through the entire extension.My current thought is to make it smaller, 10'9x9'1 leaving a nice wide hallway to the bedrooms and use it as a playroom now and a quest room with a Murphy bed and a teen hangout/kids tv room later, as I won't allow tv in bedrooms and we have a Michigan basement(think dug out cellar) so currently there is only one tv in the family room.My concern is the room being too small to be used like that? Could I get in maybe a soda bed instead of a Murphy and a comfy chair or a lovesac thing and a tv when the kids are older and have it be useable or should I bite the bullet and make it full size?Also if we did end up with kid number three we would move that wall to extend the room, my husband does this for a living so that isn't a concern we are using full span trusses so none of the interior walls will be load baring.The only other thing I can think of is extending the whole extension out a few feet to the left(as you look at plans) creating an overhang but I don't know how complicated that gets, how far I can go with only one row of support posts and what kind of foundation needs to be added for support posts.Any thoughts and opinions would be very welcome I've been tinkering with this for months, we only get one shot and we will on a farm(my husband also grows hay) so we will never move and I want it to be right!This is my first time posting so I apologize if it isn't clear and also resale value is not a concern our value will always be mostly determined by the land and we won't be selling until we are ancient and have to move into assisted living so we care more about it being perfect for us( I already moved the fridge sink dishwasher and food storage into a room directly off the main kitchen where I prep and cook and I love it) thank you so much!
I don't know why but my phone won't let me type a comment it keeps deleting what I type whenever I hit the space bar u will switch to my computer in a minute but mean while:
North is to the right. We cannot dig out or extend the foundation for various reasons if we could just sink support posts into concrete extending one side a few feet may be doable as long as we don't get too close to the well but that is pushing it. Current plan is to build straight up. The house is an L shape the stairs are next to the master if you look at the plans to the right of the bathroom is a large landing/open laundry(our cu4rent nursery) our stairs are off there. This is over the living room mud room and first floor bath all of which was an extension on to a 100 year old farm house what is now the master master bath and nursery was just a sleeping loft over there original foot print.
The bathroom layout is not set and I hope to rotate fixtures to move the door 90 degrees the fixtures are in place to make sure I don't adjust the bathroom size and not have enough room for everything and the necessary clearances. They are not set in those spots. Sorry for the bad plans I am legally blind and can't draft anymore so I have to do my thinking through on an app I am not a huge fan of.

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