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Does a Windows Update Suck up all the Bandwidth?

3 years ago

Day before yesterday I ran into horrible internet connectivity speed while there was a big Windows update going on in one of my laptops. I had tried to do a print-out of a bank statement from my bank site and after waiting a long time just to get into the site I wasn't able to log in. This also happened on my other laptop so it wasn't a problem with the computer itself. I waited for hours for the update to finish and it was stuck in 24% download. I waited overnight and still the same the next day. I even shut down the machine and unplugged the router and the modem for awhile and started it all up again and still the same. (How can this happen?) I even called Dell where I have extended warranty and unlimited help and they checked out my computer and said it was not enough internet speed after doing a speed test. They said I needed to contact AT&T to check out the line. I did and they can't come until next week. (Can you believe that?) I asked Dell if in the meantime there was some way to abort the update and they said don't do that because it might mess things up since it had already started. So I left it alone again all night and now today the update finally got done and the speed is back to normal again. Is this something that should only be done at night and should I call AT&T and cancel the service call? I do have the lowest internet speed that is offered but it's been fine for what we do, should I have them check it anyway? Is it normal for this to happen?

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