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3 options to configure upstairs bath/laundry

4 years ago

Hi all, long time lurker. I’ve learned a lot from this site but have a layout dilemma I need help with.

Our new house has all of the bedrooms upstairs and the laundry room off the kitchen on the first floor in the mudroom. There is also a jack n Jill bath between the kids rooms upstairs, and one kid room randomly has a bonus room off of it that cannot be accessed from the hallway.

We use the bonus room as an office and love that it is away from the rest of the house so we can work odd hours and not disturb anyone. Keeping this bonus room office space is a huge priority.

Our plan is to convert that bedroom with the bonus room into the guest room so that we can keep our office (we only have overnight guests every 4-6 weeks). Then make the current guest room a kids room. We would lose the jack n Jill layout to give guests a private en suite bath.

We also want to move laundry upstairs, though there is laundry chute in the kids bathroom. I do think that we will keep a small stacked laundry unit in the mudroom for very dirty things coming in and out of the garage, but I would prefer the huge weekly loads to be moved out of the mudroom if possible. The mudroom is also where we keep pet stuff and drop junk. With that also being our only laundry area it is just too cramped.

A contractor friend of ours gave us some quotes on three configurations, outlined below. For various reasons they are all within a few thousand dollars of each other, so cost isn’t a huge factor in which one to choose.

We currently have one toddler boy, but plan to have another child relatively soon, and we want this done before #2 comes along. We plan to be in this house through their teenage years.

Option 1: Guest bath is a 5x8 en suite; kids bath is a hall bath and has a tub/toilet with a pocket door for privacy and a vanity area that is 12 feet long for sinks, counter, and storage; laundry chute to the mudroom remains in the kids bath; the new laundry area upstairs is a 5 foot wide laundry closet.

Option 2: Guest bath is a 5x8 en suite; kids bath is a 5x10 hall bath with no pocket door and a 4 foot vanity with a single sink; we lose the laundry chute, but gain an 8x9 laundry room upstairs with cabinets/counter on both long walls.

Option 3: Each bedroom has its own 5x8 en suite bath; we lose the laundry chute; we have a 5 foot wide laundry closet.

In all of the designs the washer/dryer would share a wall with lthe guest room so as not to disturb kids or us when running at night.

So envisioning two kids using the bathroom(s) every day and also generating lots of laundry, which is best? I am just too close to it at this point to make a clear decision and was hoping that some unbiased feedback would help.


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