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Fiddle leaf fig repotting & notching

Siqi Zhou Thorp
4 years ago

We got our fig 3 weeks ago. It’s healthy and sprouting new leaves at top. It’s about 7 ft tall with two strong trunks and one smaller trunk in a 14” pot.

It’s really root bound when we first got it but we wanted to wait for it to get used to the location (2 ft from a SW facing window) in NY and wait till June.

At the same time, we also want to encourage more branches because right now it’s more three straight up trunks with leaves from bottom to top and really top heavy — very sensitive to movement (also probably another sign of not enough soil).

Is there any advice on the sequence of repotting & top pruning or notching? I don’t want to shock the plant by working too much on it.

Also do you think it would be a good idea to separate the younger (about 3 feet) trunk from the pot to grow on its own and prune it a bit to encourage bigger leaves and better growth? (For this question I’ll upload a picture)

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