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What type of wire fencing should I get? (Black or silver)

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We will be fencing 250lf, then expanding another 300lf later for a backyard dog area. We’ll be using 4x4 PT wood posts with 2x4 or 2x6 studs horizontally connecting only the post tops, all stained solid dark brown. The wire fencing will be 48” high.

There is wildlife in the area, including an occasional deer but no bears or other large animals. I’ve only seen smaller animals like squirrels and birds in the backyard. Maybe an occasional trespassing (respectful) dog or cat. There may be possums at night but I haven’t seen any yet. Our current dog is well behaved and doesn’t try to get out. (Dog is medium-sized.)

We are in the woods, and initially will only be clearing the first area in preparation for the fence. The second area is a few years out.

We want a sturdy 2”x4” wire fence that will last and be practically invisible. Part of the fence will be 50’ away from the window views on the back of the house, nestled against the backdrop of the woods, so we don’t want to see fencing dominate the view.

I bought 100’ of sturdy silver wire fencing, but I think the black may be easier on the eyes. Here is an example of what I am thinking:

Is the PVC coating a good idea? What features and gauge should I be looking for? Do you think the black will reflect less light, and therefore be less visible?

I actually wear a mosquito net over my head when working in the yard during bug season, and have found the black netting to be much easier to see through than the gray netting, which reflects more light. That is why I think black fencing may be preferable. But I’m not sure about the PVC coating on the black fence options, and I don’t know if the black options are less sturdy or durable than the silver options.

Also, the fence will need to be stretched. Can I do this manually? Or do I need to hire a pro with a winch on a vehicle? Feel free to suggest any tools or ”how-to” videos on this process.

We have already decided how to set the posts.


Below is the view from the back door. The area has not been cleared yet, and the deck railing will be rebuilt and reconfigured so it will look a lot better. The red arrow points to a big tree, and the fencing will be right behind (or in front of) the tree depending on the measurement/lot line. (I have a survey.) You can see that it appears close. It is 50 feet away from the back of the house. There is no development in the woods behind the house, so that foliage will stay intact, though I may manually clear a 10’ wide access area behind, leaving tall trees in place. There is unlikely to be development there in the future anyway. We get a lot of rain here and it is a rural area.

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