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Fiddle Leaf Fig - is it time to repot?

3 years ago

Live in San Diego, CA - and got my FLF in mid-July and sat in front of South facing window with lots of indirect light. He (Fiddy is the name) has 3 separate trunks, but I have no idea if they are tied to the same root ball or not, but they might be by now, as he is about 4' tall. No growth for 2.5 months, and now OVERNIGHT it seems like he is adjusting and growing. I was so excited...

I only water when the wooden stick (pictured) comes out dry from the VERY BOTTOM of the pot - and today I lifted up the interior plastic pot and see long roots growing from it on one side only and a little humidity on the inside of the pot (which I won't water until it is gone). These roots seem to have appeared almost overnight, too.

Question - is it time to repot to a 12" (currently is a 10"), or should I wait and let it grow a little more? I know these plants can be finnicky with changes, and I have tried to make little/no changes since getting it home so it can adjust.



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