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New Woodland Edge Planting--Zone 5b

last month

We moved into our newly built house last fall and have a circle driveway 50' in diameter. It's just grass at the moment, but we would like to add a woodland edge type area (freeform or kidney shaped) off-centered in the circle. Looking at incorporating a sugar maple (Commemoration, Legacy, Flashfire), a small boulder or two (plenty on on our property), some evergreen and deciduous shrubs and perennials of various sizes and ground cover. Not formal, maybe tidy woodland?

-Are there any issues planting larger shrubs near the sugar maple at the same time? We won't be disturbing any existing roots as everything is going in at the same time.

-Any other pointers in designing this? Particular mix of shrubs or perennials that would work? Some of the area could be full sun now, but transition to partial etc as the maple grows. Anything to consider about that aspect?

New England, Zone 5b, Full Sun, sandy loam, slightly acidic and the area would be off-centered towards the northern side of the circle. Thanks!!!

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