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Need help with exterior house colors; shutters, front door.

4 years ago

I want to paint my house shutters and front door as the current color is outdated (forest green). So I need some advice. I've seen that there's a trend now to let the front door pop with a different color than the rest, and I think it would be nice to do something fun or cute on the front door. But unsure if that's OK when you have shutters? Does the front door need to match the shutters?

If it's OK to let the door be a different color, I could use some advice.

Here are my current colors:

House siding: Cream colored, the best color match I could find from the samples I have at home is this one: (Although on my computer it looks almost pinkish toupe! My house is cream, not really yellow but more so than off-white.) Valspar Courtyard Tan 7002-13

The roof, if it matters, is Teak, from Owens Corning:

(My current shutters are forest green, a common green from the 90's. But I want that gone.

See pictures of the house on the bottom.)

FYI: The front of the house faces north, so if I go anything dark it will look nearly black most of the day. So I'd like to go in the medium color ranges. Preferably no red or orange.

1. Is the roof color considered neutral since it's in the brown tones? Like wood? Can I do whatever I want of color as long as it matches the siding?

2. Can I do shutters in this blue with front door in a light blue such as OR OR ?

3. Are neutral shutter colors better? If so, do you have some suggestions?

4. Any other suggestions as to what might look good on the front door?

Here's our house currently; the white decorative pieces will be painted too (white) as they are very gray and grimy now. It was hard to get the colors right in the pictures, that's why I included links above to get you a better idea.

A sample of the siding compared to a paint color chart:

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