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Too much blue? Rug choice for boys room.

Forever Now
3 years ago

We're finally painting my sons room after two months of redoing the old plaster walls! The color is SW Something Blue. I was wanting an abstract faded blue rug as well, definitely don't want a pattern. I was hoping to find something with a little blue to complement the walls but am having a hard time in my price range. I do want it to cover most of the floor. I was wondering what everyone thought of these two rugs? He's 6, I want to be able to accent a bit with some of his favorite things. Maybe a minecraft bedset for instance. I don't want the room to be too "little boy" but I'd like to be able to put some of those types of elements in it and still have it work. Would either of these rugs get in the way of that do you think? I'll post a couple pictures of the room at the bottom, unfortunately we've only cut in around the trim so far but you can kind of see the color.

I like this rug a lot because it has a watery feel (he likes penguins so we might have some penguin art) and it's got lots of light cream color. I wish it didn't have the darker brown areas (or maybe their gray?) but could probably live with them.

Here's the second rug. I like it a lot too, but do worry that it will be too much blue with the walls.

The room:

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