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Lighting plan for bathroom renovation

4 years ago

My bathroom floor plan was designed over 2 years ago with the help of the Houzz community. Thank you to help who helped. I am now at the implementation stage and i need help with the lighting design. The first picture shows the floor measurements. This bathroom has a low ceiling; the lowest height is along the wall with the window and the height is 84".

The second picture is my attempt to demonstrate the planned medicine cabinets and adjacent mirrors. I am planning to install a wall unit with a series of mirrors. The mirror widths will be 6"-22"-24"-22"-6" and the total height of this unit will be 24" and the depth with the mirrors will be 5.5".
The two 6" mirrors at the left and right ends and the 24" mirror in the middle will be stationary.
The 2 medicine cabinets will be placed behind the 22" mirrors and they will be centered above each sink. I cannot recess the medicine cabinet and there is not enough space above the cabinets for wall lights.

I am thinking of placing 3 pendants in front of the 3 stationary mirrors to illuminate a person standing in front of the mirror.

There will be a ceiling fan in the toilet and shower area.

The bath tub will be located on the other side of the wall of the toilet cubicle.

The shower is between the toilet and outside wall (wall with the window).

The following are my questions and comments:

1. Are the pendants a good idea? Or, are down lights at the same position a better solution? What should be the distance between the mirror and the pendant? Size of pendants relative to mirror height?

2. For the rest of the spaces, what size down lights should I use and where should I place them?

4. How many lights in the toilet area? There will be no door on the opening to the toilet.

Thank you.

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