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Basement Renovation: Layout/Floor Plan Needed (Including Bathroom)

5 years ago

We are in the middle of a basement reno (we have removed most of the previous sub diving walls) and looking to get ideas on optimal layout. Attached it a sketch with measurements (not too scale) of the space.

Here is our requirements:

1) Bathroom with Stand up Shower (good size 36 x 60), toilet and vanity.

2) Bedroom with appropriate sized closet

3) Move laundry around specifically to allow better access to the crawlspace. Keep the access to the crawl space in the laundry/furnace room.

4) Sitting/family Room with spot for TV

5) Trying to keep plumbing in the general area of where it is now/close to furnace room.

Ask any questions you may have!

Thank you.

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