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This Year's New Natives

Jay 6a Chicago
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We want to start over, get back to nature, reconnect with the planet, restore paradise! We have destroyed far too much native lands to the detriment of every other living species we share this planet with! It's time to offer our personal properties back to the wildlife and make them full of native plants so the species will return once again. That's what's happening here. A lot of native seeds have been sown and will soon be grown. Anyone please feel free to enhance the conversation. Trading is welcome. I still have a lot of leftover seeds. The story continues. At present all of the seeds have been winter sown and are chilling outside. Things will start moving quickly once germination occurs. I'm not perfect. I misspell words, use wrong Latin names, talk about species that don't exist lol, typos, ect, ect. Please be patient! The drama continues!

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