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Second year of native gardening - what returned

11 years ago

This is my second year in the midwest area. Last year I planted the following plants:

Blackeye susans

Butterfly weed

Cardinal flowers


Indian Pink

Purple Coneflower

Toad Lilly

Actually, I am not sure that toad lillies are natives. In any case, the first year wasn't entire successful. The Indian pink got eaten by some animal. The cardinal flower needed way more water than expected. The butterfly weed did not flower.

In the second year, I notice that only many of the plants are returning, though the indian pink and most of the purple coneflower did not return. I am particularly excited about the butterfly weed, which seemed to have return recently and the leaves look way bigger than last year.

Due to the limited success, I planted some additional flowers:

Great Merrybell

Celedine Poppies

More Indian Pink (sprayed with repellent this time).

Wild Columbine (someone has started eating it)

Yellow Coneflower

Pale Purple Coneflower

Royal Catchfly

Like old friends, I hope they will do well and return next year.


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