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Kitchen Floors - hardwood vs Vinyl plank floor vs Other??

5 years ago

We are doing a remodel, tearing down walls connecting our kitchen to a dining and living room. We are going to put 1 flooring material throughout. Our Kitchen will be 22'x24' connected to a 20' x 14' living room.

We live in the Seattle area, for some reason hard wood floors are popular here in the kitchen. Lived around the country, in California I loved our tile in the kitchen. One rental had laminate that just got destroyed in the kitchen, edges popping up from getting wet etc... I personally hate the hard wood in our kitchen currently... doesn't hold up well to the spills and turns the wood white, scratches, etc (3 kids and a dog). Tiling the whole area doesn't sound like a good option, cold hard feel doesn't go well in the Pacific NW. One sales person recommended Vinyl plank flooring (Provenza Maxcore), said it's waterproof and gives the wooden look. Holds up well to dogs and kids. My contractor recommends against it, says it will make our house look cheap. Personally I can't tell the difference between it and wood, but it may be kind of like paint... looks good in a small amount but when you put it in large amounts it looks totally different. My contractor is recommending 4" wide oak floors.

Anyone have any experience with Vinyl plank flooring in the kitchen. Will it make my house/flooring look cheap? Any other materials you would recommend exploring?



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