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Need help with roof color, siding and trim color and window trim updat

5 years ago

I need help with a color scheme for the exterior of house. Everything. Roof. Siding. Trim. Front Door. Lighting Fixtures.

I prefer a modern clean look.

Roof will be replaced in February so I need to have the siding and trim color picked out so that the roof color will coordinate with them.

I can't decide on a cool or warm color scheme. The limestone has a warm tone, although I do prefer cool tones, in general.

The current green trim color must go! So, I have to choose a color for the siding and a contrasting color for the window and roof trim. (currently the green color).

I don't like the look of the mitered window trim. I would like to replace the trim with something more substantial. Should I do something simple where the top board is slightly longer than the one on the bottom.

The door will also be replaced. I would like a door with less glass and thinking of getting rid of side lights completely for more privacy.

Any suggestions or insights greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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