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Worried about quality of work on bathtub and drywall

4 years ago

We are having problems with quality of work from our contractor adding a bathroom. The latest issue we are concerned with is the drywall around a one piece bathtub. We are concerned with how this is done and see no way he can make the finish of this look right on the left side of the tub.

We are also wondering if there should be green board in the tub area instead of plain drywall.

The drywall on the left side and top is what we are worried about, other sides of the tub look ok, in that the drywall either lines up with the flange or overlaps the flange and can be finished looking ok, but the left side of the tub, the drywall appears to be behind the flange so we are very concerned how the finished product will look.

Attached are pictures of the tub and drywall. The first picture is the top of the tub on the left side, the second picture is the top left corner, the third picture is the whole left side, and the fourth picture is a full frontal view of the tub.

Is there any expert here that can reassure us that this can be finished so it does not look like a hack job? Is there anything we can suggest to the contractor (other than going to hell) to fix this - we just want to get this job done and over with.

We were wondering if overlaying another layer of drywall on that entire side of the wall so the drywall can overlap the flange. The only other thing on that wall is an electrical outlet and a window. We'd be OK with a 1/2 inch deeper window sill if it would allow this tub to be finished nicer.

Any suggestions/ideas?


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