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Ceiling Mounted Tub Filler-Help Needed & Source for tub

10 years ago

Little background information for you--we are building a house. I have asked for a slipper/freestanding tub. But, I'm kind of on my own to find it. Once I find a tub that is not outrageously priced, I have to deal with the plumbing issue. I have come to accept that the faucet (whether it's a freestanding unit or one attached to the tub is going to be very expensive). (Wall unit not an option in this setup).

I found myself looking at the ceiling mounted tub fillers. But can someone explain to me what you get for $500+? Is it just the little metal thing and nib that is up in the ceiling? I was told at the bath supply place, I need to get the mixer for the wall, and make sure it's 3/4". So what exactly does all that money get you for the ceiling part? And if you have done this or are familiar with this, can you provide me with exactly what I should be shopping for?

Reason why I'm looking at these is most of the tub mounted units are very old fashioned, vintage in appearance. Same with most of the freestanding mounts, unless they are ultra space-age modern. I fall somewhere in between.

I could also just get a pull-down faucet for the sink and aim it at the tub to fill it....

I've looked at several places I've found here to find my tub, Signature Hardware included. Does anyone have any other suggestions for finding a tub at a good price? I'm about to ask the builder if we can just go back to the drop in tub option that would have been included.



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