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Entry hallway runner - what size/style would fit best?

Jessica Lynn
3 years ago

Hi! i’ve got the itch to update our front entry doormat and the runner in the hallway leading from our entry way to our kitchen. i just feel like it would be nice to bring some color to this space. the doormat is just a dark brown, which we really don’t have much of in our home, other than our furniture. and the runner we have there (although i LOVE the floral print) is super light and neutral. we have lots of shades of blue (think robins egg mostly) throughout our home, plus lots of grays and beiges, with touches of greenery. i thought if i could find a runner that pulled in those colors, it would help jazz the entry/hallway up a bit! here’s the doormat we have there currently:

(pretty boring)

and here’s the runner:

I was shopping at target the other day and cake across a rug and runner that *might* work ... except i’m worried theyre both too small for the space. i’m also thinking the runner I have currently is too small, and the new one I picked up is even smaller.

heres the rug I picked up:

and here’s the runner:

please help! give me honest opinions - are the new ones better than my current ones? are they all too small? what size would work better? any specific rug suggestions? id love to find ones that tie in with our colors. i’m partial to floral and geometric prints. also a non slip backing would be great since i have little kids who run around constantly! i’ll take any and all help! I feel like the entry is peoples first impression of your home, and I want to make a good one! thank you!

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