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Am I trying to do too much in a 1.5 story beach home?

5 years ago

We are finalizing the plans on a 1.5 story beach home. This first picture is almost the exact home using the same plans. We are tweaking the dormer area a bit to make it a reverse Nantucket Dormer like the one I found on Houzz (second picture) I wanted to have a small sitting area with a tv in the gabled area of the dormer "bunk room" and sleeping areas in the two sheds. It could be built in bunks, but I also like the idea of a double beds for married couples. It is a narrow room! I may be trying to do too much in too little of a space. I am adding pictures of things that I like. I would appreciate your thoughts. The floor plan is still flexible. I am hoping to carve out more space for landing by taking some space from the bedroom behind the stairs. I am thinking a small scale couch and chairs across from a t.v. so I can send kids upstairs to watch t.v if we are entertaining downstairs. (Note the landing's pony wall's "built in cabinet for tv" is probably nixed in order to put couch and/or chairs on that side with tv across from it.) The areas are sooooo narrow! Am I dreaming too big? I am adding the preliminary drawings. I can ask for changes now. Any advice?

Below: Almost the exact house, we have same plans, but we can still tweak it:

Dormer "bunk room" idea:

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Daniel Island Watroo Point Bunk Room · More Info

Chairs in the middle? Bench seat in the middle?

I want to close off the bed (s) with drapes like this ^

Chairs in the middle?

The gabled area is only a little over 8' and the shed areas are 7'.

I want the ceiling of the gabled part to look like this ^. (My husband says that will ruin the insulation and make it too hot. Thoughts?)

Preliminary plans will be attached in comment if I can figure out how!

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