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Looking for a smart wall outlet... maybe?

4 years ago

I saw a relative connect a very long cable from one room (where the PC resides) to another room (where a TV resides). The long cable may make someone fall. Reason for the cable? Apparently he is having problems wirelessly connecting the Panasonic smart TV to get some services like directly to the PC or wifi router..

Thinking of Xmas and presents now... someone mentioned recently that the long cable connection set up can also be done using the house's electrical outlets.... in the room with the PC, there would be a cable connection to a wall outlet... in the room with the TV, there would be a cable from the outlet to the TV. Both outlets would be fancy outlets.

Not sure what to ask if I go into a store or what to search for if I search online? Or what brands are good. Help? TIA, Luis

PS - Note that I am not looking to tweak the wi-fi set up that he says does not work for him; instead, I only want to use these outlets to get rid of the cable from one room into another room.

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