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Substantial Completion and Punch-List Qualifications?

5 years ago

GC set Substantial Completion at 20 weeks (his goal was 16 wks). We moved in at 28 weeks (to a construction mess! because we had to leave our other home). Now it's been 40 weeks and they keep asking for $. Work has slowed down tremendously since we moved in, unsurprisingly. GC wants final AIA 7 payment (less the 5% withheld) but he still owes us the following before I think we owe him anything more. Not one, obviously, is a punch-list. And none of the others is a change item.

Shower bench -- needs to be constructed and installed

(Also forgot to install linear infinity drain and a shower head away from the bench)

Bathtub niche -- needs to be constructed and installed

Kitchen stone and tile -- a portion is still waiting to be redone (been 2 months)

WiFi not working throughout entire home (problem just started) -- A/V sub acknowledged the need to fix

Smoke alarm -- needs to be changed; it goes off Every time I sauté

SubZero and dishwasher -- doors and trays are askew

Late fees -- They should accrue at scheduled finish date. And finish when? At move-in date, even though we moved into a construction zone that was far from Substantially Complete?

After we moved in, the wood floors still looked unfinished. GC said it's just dust. It turns out they were unfinished. We had to move out for a week in week 36 so they could screen and stain in Satin.

I say no to paying anything more until all work is done; less late fees. Right? This should have been done in May, not Oct/ Nov!


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