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New step parent

5 years ago

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months. We don’t live together but we see each other at least 2x a week and every weekend. He has a 3 year old daughter that he has every other weekend and once a week over night. She’s a very sweet girl! The only problem in our relationship is that he shows almost no affection towards me. When he doesn’t have his daughter he will hug or kiss me a few times and tell me “I love you” when saying bye (not very affectionate) but when he has his daughter I feel like I’m the 3rd wheel and invisible. He tells her he loves her every hour along with always asking her for hugs and kisses, compliments her and just laughs at everything she does. When she’s over, we have little to no adult conversations and sit around starring at her. Whenever I bring this up it’s “youre always mad about something“ or ”Im trying”- am I crazy for wanting more affection and being a little jealous?? I feel so selfish.

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