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Traditional/MCM Ranch Windows/Door Advice

5 years ago

Please ignore the bad landscaping as I am aggressively re-landscaping and putting in a brick walkway very soon. I have 64 year old windows that must be replaced as they cannot be repaired and they do not open. As you can see, the house has a strong horizontal orientation and MCM elements along with the traditional screened porch with horizontal bead board on the knee wall. I want to replace the windows and door in a way that integrates them into a clean, craftsman-lite look. The two windows to the right are 52 w x 49 h and can be done as slider/gliders or as two sets of side by side narrow, double hung windows. The picture window in the center can either be 1)a gigantic picture window with no grid 2)a gigantic slider/glider with or without grid if I use sliding windows in the two window spaces to the right. This window is 90 w x 60 h.

If I use two sets of side by side double hung windows, in the two window spaces to the right, then I could either use 1)three double hung windows to break up the picture window or 2)a picture window and two double hung side windows, one on each side (25/50/25).

Also, I want to replace the front door. I want to integrate these three windows shapes and the door with the more traditional screened porch. How would you use grids to compliment the horizontal lines in the brick and horizontal bead board on the porch? Prairie/perimeter grid? Four or six over 1 top half of the window grid?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom. I will also be painting the trim. I am not an MCM orange or mod door or windows guy. I would love to use a stained wood front door with nice glass if I would work.

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