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Window Blinds advice - French doors & adjacent windows

last month

Hi! Would love some thoughts here on this dilemma I am having. We are going to do 2” faux wood blinds on all the windows (upstairs and downstairs). I had a moment of pause for the French door windows - if the same would be too bulky and cumbersome? Note that these are doors that are hardly ever used. I prefer a uniform & consistent look…but did have a moment of pause whether it would be Ok to do cellular for the French door windows. But will that look bad?

Struggle with the arch but think we will just opt for tinting the windows. These are west facing so get extreme sun/heat in the afternoons hence wanted the opacity of the faux wood blinds (& also to have some consistency either the rest of the house). But worth mentioning we do have both cellular & faux wood throughout the house.

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