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Advice - wall of curtains on a ceiling mounted track

last month

First time posting on Houzz! I would like to create a wall of floor to ceiling curtains, on a ceiling mounted track, similar to the image with the cream curtains. It would be amazing to hire a professional to do custom window treatments, but sadly it's not in the budget - so putting on my research hat and getting to work! I have gotten as far as I can on my own, but hoping for some advice from the Houzz community.

In my research it seems the Kirsch 94001 heavy duty ceiling track is the way to go. Attaching a floorplan of the room, as well as a photo. The total width of the wall as 183.5", & the height is 144". In my pricing inquiries so far, sourcing 1 continuous ceiling track that runs the length of the wall is cost prohibitive due to shipping constraints.

My questions include:

- If I were to split into 2 track sections as shown in blue on the floorplan, would there be a visual break there once the curtains are hanging? Or could it look continuous like in the photo?

- I researched that I need to get curtain pins to attach the curtain to the track. Any recommendations for pins to use, and advice for how to install those? Do I need to look for a specific type of header for the curtain, to accommodate the pin (other than just not grommet or rod pocket)?

- Advice for what to use as a device to open/close the curtains.....pulley or wand?

- Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!

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