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Andersen Woodwrights/Okna 600-800

Okay, I’m in the horns of another conundrum. I’ve got to order windows in a hurry. My contractor uses Harvey exclusively, but I asked if we could look at woodwrights and Okna. I already have Okna, and love them mostly. The Andersen guy furnished us with a multi page typed out professional quote. The Okna guy, sent over the same handwritten form, even after being asked to send a professional quote. The building contractor doesn’t feel comfortable ordering windows like that, so he’s asked me to order them myself. When I ordered my Oknas before (from a different local outfit), I didn’t get a formal quote, so perhaps this isn’t a big deal. They did measure, quote, and install the project. It went mostly perfectly. Problem now is, I am seeing the quote is suddenly for the 800s, when I wanted the 600s. Isn’t that a thicker window? I don’t want to lose glass-space beyond what I lost with the 500s. I had heard that the 600s were slimmer-framed. It looks like because I requested aged brass, they moved it to the 800s. Is there a reason to do that? Don’t the 600s come with aged brass hardware as an option? Now I’m getting a little nervous with this company. Can someone please advise?

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