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And so it begins -- everybody ready for peak hurricane season?

5 years ago

Tropical storm Gordon is headed up the gulf toward what looks like New Orleans/western Mississippi. They say it isn't going to strengthen, but the Gulf is awfully warm, so I don't really take much stock in that. I think we had some outer bands pass through here this morning. It very suddenly got very dark and the wind gusted up with heavy rains for about 15 minutes.

I'm not ready this year. I haven't stocked up on canned goods or anything non-perishable. I guess I'd better get to work with my new (to me) dehydrator and buy some charcoal for the grill. I've changed my diet drastically to more fresh fruits and veggies, but that isn't going to do it if a major storm hits. Guess my next shopping trip will be to stock up.

One fun thing about my new diet is that I stopped eating wheat, so I bought some corn flour (Masa harina) and was planning on making some tortilla chips anyway. Now I have an excuse to make enough to stock up on, and grab a few jars of salsa as well. I do love salsa and tortilla chips, and homemade are so much healthier.

I finally found my sandbags, so I supposed I should get those filled too. Also, time to have a plant sale, because I have no room in here for all the propagated plants I have outside.

Isn't life in Florida fun?

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