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How's everybody's growing season going so far?

Just about there, half of my beans are in the rest are started, the say we are going to have a warmer than usual summer so I've added one more to my list 'Black Seeded Yard Long' I have a fairly warm sheltered spot they just might do, at least it's worth a try. I'm also trying a few 'Yancheng Bush' out in the garden, I usually grow yard longs in the greenhouse.

I just planted out the 'India Bush' hyacinth beans I started in the green house, they came up looking really good. I just about lost my sample of 'German Red Lima' they were growing in a tub in the greenhouse last night either a slug or snail had a real go at them, they are now covered in copper mesh, hopefully they will recover.

I'm growing 3 samples of 'Tennessee Cutshort' a few from my first grow out where the seeds actually looked like cutshorts, cramped in their pods, a sample of the TC's George recently sent me and a sample of the ones I grew last year where the seed seemed to be a little larger than usual and didn't show any signs of the cutshort trait. George(macmex) says they they really aren't cutshorts so that maybe explains why mine looked the way they did last year.

Sometimes I think I need my head examined growing so many different varieties of beans but it is sooooo addictive LOL. Now that I have a freezer to store my seed in I want to renew all my seed so as to have fresh seed for long term storage or until I can pass them along to others who will keep some of these heirlooms going. Nobody seems to have found seed for the 'Baby Fordhook Lima' so it looks like that one has been lost, shame as I've heard it was a very nice one.

I just received another strain of the little 'Comtesse de Chambord' bean in the mail yesterday, this one is fatter and slightly bigger than the one I brought in from France, it looks more like the one shown on the 'Daughter of the Soil' and 'High Country Gardener' blogs. Both these are different from the one Russ Crow has, which was one of the parents of his great tasting bush bean 'Blue Jay'.

I'm growing two separate color patterns of the 'Tennessee Greasy Mix' I haven't grown before just to see what color seeds they produce, this one not only tastes good but I'm always surprised at the variation in the seed coats when shelling the dried seed.

Babbled on long enough, soooo how's everybody growing season going so far, growing anything new and interesting in the bean department?


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