What would you do w/ this space?!!

3 years ago
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Hi, because of Hurricane Harvey, we're having to make changes in our home. I have a space, in our master bedroom, that used to be built-in cabinets, above and below, an inset, vanity-type space.

The lower cabinets, that you don't see in the picture, (but matched the uppers), were destroyed in the flood, and have been removed.

The diminsions are 81" H x 48" W x 28 D. What I'd really like is a little 'book nook'. I'm 5' 3" tall, I don't think I could curl up on a little bench comfortably (reclining), do you?

I think a more feasible idea might be a desk, which would be useful, or some sort of storage area (very useful)

I have to give my contractor a picture, something concrete, to replicate. He is not a designer, though we communicate well.

Does anyone have any ideas or photos of what might work here?! Thx in advance!

Lori in Houston

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