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What would you do/say? (tomato soup w/flour)

10 years ago

I was at the fair today. In the commercial exhibit building there was someone with a big table of "home" canned goods that they were selling, so of course I looked them over. And I spotted... tomato - red pepper soup with butter and flour. (The curdled-y butter top gave it away.)

I asked about the recipe source, because, I said, those were low acid ingredients. I was told it was "from a cookbook" and the person (in charge?) of farmer's market hadn't questioned it. To which I replied something about there not being any tested and approved recipes with those ingredients and that they could be dangerous.

I did ask if she would like a resource (here!) to ask questions but she declined. According to what she told me, they are working with someone (official?) to create a state certified kitchen, but currently operate under the "pickle law" which allows a certain amount of home processed goods to be sold from a non- certified kitchen, as long as they are labeled as such.

I just was very surprised to see that soup recipe. And I also believe I saw a ketchup there with flour listed in the ingredients also. Do I leave it be? Do I "make a stink"? Actually, I was so flabbergasted to see it there I forgot to ask how it was processed. It still makes me wince.

And after reviewing the pickle law I'm surprised she didn't realize her recipe was questionable as home processors are "strongly encouraged" to attend proper training and use standardized recipes for canning allowable products.

Here is a link that might be useful: Questions and answers about Wisconsin's Pickle Bill

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