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Minimum size of piece of subfloor to support free-standing tub filler?

4 years ago

Is there a minimum size piece of bathroom sub-flooring to which a free-standing tub filler should be attached?

We are having a contractor install a free-standing tub filler for a new tub.

I wanted him to attach the tub filler to the entire sheet of subfloor.

Unfortunately, his crew tiled over most of that sheet of subfloor. Rather than remove the tile, he now wants to cut a rectangle (10" x 22") from the exposed subfloor, attach the tub filler to that small piece, and then reattach the small piece to the joists.

My concern is that if someone pulls on the tub filler that it will cause the small piece of subfloor to deflect, cracking the tile to crack, or worse.

The manufacturer of the tub filler says they do not have minimum specs for the size of a piece of subfloor.

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