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Removing floor glue from new hardwood floors


My parents just had new hardwood floors installed about two weeks ago. The people who installed them said the glue marks that were left on the new floors would wear off over time. My parents, not knowing any better, accepted that answer. However, in looking into this more it seems that true professionals would not leave the amounts of glue that these people did. It is throughout the whole house and very obvious. In reading, it also seems that the longer the glue sits, the more damage is done and eventually the glue may wear off but there will also be a permanent spot. Its very unfortunate that these people left the new floors in this condition.

I have been looking at ways to try and remove these glue spots, and it seems Bostik adhesive remover is the most popular. But I wanted to get some opinions before jumping the gun. I also want to make sure that whatever method is used will not damage the new floors. So any information would be helpful and much appreciated!

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