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Can repeated low levels (less than 1 %) of asbestos be harmful?

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I live in an old house and found out the crumbling window caulk in my drafty back room windows contain less than 1% asbestos. I recently put new windows in my whole house except that back room because it has 6 windows and couldn't afford it... Kind of like a sunroom . I heard that the air we breath outside also contains low levels of asbestos?

Anyway, here is the report. How worried should I be? I've spent hours in this back room sleeping and starting seeds. My children even go back there.


Please see the attached report.

The window putty sample you
submitted for analysis contains less than 1% asbestos (type: Chrysotile). Asbestos concentration in
the sample is negligible.

If I'm not mistaken in your state a
material having less than 1% asbestos concentration is equivalent to non-asbestos
containing. Still, if you're going to disturb this material, try to keep the dust exposure to a minimum."

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