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Asbestos fear from a mum

Amanda T
4 years ago

Hello, I hope it's still ok to post here as it's not about the home renovation but levelling up the floor in my child's classroom. I'm horrified after they notified (after 1 week) that asbestos found there. The works were performed in 1 day in the corridor while the kids and teachers were in the adjoining classroom (sometimes they went out in break times). There are two open doors between the corridor and the classroom. The floor was levelled with the use of a grinder and power floor scraper. During the works, asbestos was inadvertently disturbed beneath the subfloor. The contractor left, taking a large portion of the debris. In the beginning of the next day, teachers and some parents cleaned the mess (the children were also in adjoining classroom). Four hours later, the school was notified that asbestos was present, by a parent who had tested some of the debris.
More samples were taken to be tested. They also conducted air monitoring, which showed that airborne asbestos fibres at the time of testing (2nd day) were below the limit of detection.
The testing showed that the swabs taken from the classrooms were negative for asbestos, however one swab from the corridor tested positive for asbestos. Some of the samples of debris taken from the site for testing came back positive for asbestos. It's Chrysotile (white asbestos).
I'm so worried and stressful about the risk of serious diseases due to asbestos. The kids might be exposed in 2 days. It must be dusty particularly when the contractor worked and teachers and parents cleaned the mess. The tests were only taken after that 1 day and some hours.
Could someone advise me in this case. And they are going to have a meeting, what should I ask them? Thank you very much in advance.

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