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Roof, Drip Edge, Shutters - GAF Weathered Wood or Barkwood

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Replacing our roof and need to make a decision quickly. Contractor recommended Barkwood with black drip edge, possibly with burgundy shutters, saying house would really "pop". I'm not so sure that I am one for drastic "pop" and am rethinking going with his suggestion (to the point of inability to sleep). I would prefer something more versatile and not sure Barkwood is. But, wondering if Weathered Wood is too light. I'm in Georgia and it is very hot.

I'm leaning 99% towards Weathered Wood with white drip edge. Thoughts?

For shingles, totally up in the air on color. Have to replace one for sure and may just stick with the darker green but would like suggestions if anyone has.

Stone by door up close.

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