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HELP! Need Paint colors for Low-light North Facing Rooms

Lindsay Harris
5 years ago

So, in an attempt to brighten up my low-light North-facing house, I have made a TERRIBLE paint choice. :( I painted my kitchen Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue because the color looked so light and crisp in all the pictures I saw online. Well, NOT in my kitchen. It looks like I smeared my walls in crest toothpaste or something. So, I can't figure out if it just looks bad because it is next to a color in the other room that doesn't coordinate or if it's just that bad and nothing will help it.

Here's the situation.

1 . I have cream trim/cabinets/built ins throughout the entire house, so I'm stuck with cream for now.

2. The rooms I want to paint are North Facing with very small windows, very little light.

3. Our ceilings are relatively low (maybe 8-9 feet?)


1. Is there any way for that blue to look good?

2. What color or colors would be better for the living room & kitchen?

*we will likely be getting new furniture, so don't pay attention to that for the colors.

Thank you so much for any help!

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