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Plan too ambitious?? Please help with my bathroom vanity ideas!

Dottie 7B
5 years ago

My master bathroom remodel is almost entirely planned out. I still need to figure out the mirror and lighting set-up for the vanity. Demo is starting in three weeks (start date recently pushed back). I would love to hear feedback from the community on my ideas. Am I being too ambitious? Has pinterest caused me to lose grip on reality? Ha.

Below is my plan board. There will be a frameless glass shower, V&A slipper clawfoot tub, white subway tile on shower wall and tub surround, white porcelain hex tile on shower floor, honed carrara marble basketweave floor with gray grout, gray marble trim creating a floor border around the tub, honed carrara marble countertop, Rohl polished nickel fixtures, new window replacing glass block. The ONLY thing staying is the wooden vanity.

Samples for countertop, subway tile, floor, and paint color:

Trim for floor border around tub:

Huge thanks to the Houzz forum for helping me decide on the floor and the trim (especially Beth)!

Okay, here is the vanity area I started with. Again, the only thing staying is this wooden vanity. My home is decorated in a simple French country style with some antiques and vintage pieces, so I'm not a fan of the craftsman elements in here.

Removed the tower and will not re-install. Don't need the storage and prefer to open the room up and allow the marble counters to shine. Here's what I have now:

I plan to replace the hardware with these RH glass and polished nickel knobs:


Ceiling height = 9'

Vanity = 86"Lx20"Dx36"H

Current mirrors = 21x31"

Top of mirror to bottom of light fixture backing = 10.5 inches

Space between two mirrors currently = 31.5"

My poorly-drawn floor plan. (My contractor made real floor plans, but I don't have them on hand.)

Based on this dream bathroom inspiration photo below, I got the idea to create a sit-down vanity area in the middle of the counter, between the two sinks.

I would love to have a place to sit down to apply makeup, blow dry hair, etc. If I removed the bottom three drawers in the middle of the vanity, there would be a space of 28"Hx23"L. I could fit underneath with the right size stool. I would not miss the storage space and re-sale is not an issue because this is our forever home. Of course, this photo is a dream, but I found some realistic photos that are not too different from what I have:

Do you think this would work in my bathroom? If so, I am considering two options for mirror and lights, either one large mirror or three smaller mirrors.

OPTION A: 1 big mirror, 2 double sconces over the sinks.

RH Aged Silver-Leaf Baroque Mirror: 42"Hx70"L

This mirror would cover almost all the vertical space between the countertop backsplash and the overhead lights. Horizontally, it would extend to cover all but a couple of inches over the end of each sink.

I think this mirror would warm up my bathroom without being too ornate. Below are pictures I took in the store. The color to the left is my large paint sample, the jar is polished nickel like my fixtures, and the countertop is honed Carrara marble.

Of course, the photo below is a different scale and mine would hang horizontally:

I would put two double sconces overhead where the current light fixtures are located above the sinks. I considered triple sconces, but they would extend beyond the end of the mirror. These are RH Wiltshire in polished nickel, but I'm open to others. 13"Wx7"Dx12"H

The pros: no electrical work, no drywall work, no worry about spacing between mirrors, large mirror to help open the space more. The cons: no differentiation among the three different "work" areas, worry that the scale is too overwhelming, less light, overhead light only.

OPTION B: 3 smaller mirrors: recessed medicine cabinets over the sinks and an ornate mirror over the vanity area.

I'm considering these recessed cabinets from Pottery Barn (open to suggestions):

Astor Recessed 20"x33" - this one similar to my dream inspiration photo

Vintage Recessed 17"x25" (also available in 21"x34") - This one more streamlined and narrower to allow more space for the middle mirror.

For the middle vanity mirror, I would want a stand-out piece that still flows with my space. I love the one in my dream inspiration photo, but think it's a bit much. The RH Baroque mirror that I would use for Option A does not come in a small enough size to use here. Another one I like is the RH Salon Gilt Mirror, but not sure about the deep golden color. Also comes in silver. 26"x48"

For lighting I would do four single sconces flanking the mirrors. But would there be enough room for sconces on each side of the center vanity mirror? There is only 31.5" between the mirrors now, which are 31" wide. If I use 27" medicine cabinets, that gives a bit more breathing room... My contractor would work this out to ensure proper spacing, but I want to vet the idea before bringing it to them.

Single sconce: 5"Wx7"Dx12"H

Pros: style similar to dream bathroom photo, differentiation among the three areas, highlight of vanity area with pretty mirror, additional storage via medicine cabinets, more flattering light from side sconces. Cons: maybe too smushed looking in real life, concern about room for sconces, must pay for drywall work to recess medicine cabinets and electrical work to install side sconces (we're already pushing the budget).

I would be so appreciative of any feedback on these options. First, should I even try to create a vanity area? (I really want one!) If so, which mirror and light option? I'm so deep into this process, I'm worried I've lost all perspective. :)

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