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Help me plan my bathroom remodel

13 years ago

My remodeling will probably be a showroom for Home Depot or Lowes, & won't be as beautiful or high-end as many remodels I've seen on here. But ANYTHING I do to it will be better than how it is now! This is the main bathroom in our house, that our 3 kids use & is used by visitors.

Here are pics:

This is the view into the bathroom from the hallway:

This is the view from inside of the bathroom looking out into the hallway:

This pic shows where the toilet sits on the other side of the pony wall:

This shows the bathtub that's directly across from the toilet:

Several ideas I have:

*Take out the pony wall.

*Put in shower w/ the tub.

*Replace 72" vanity w/ 2 separate vanities (plumbing & pipes might cause probs w/ this option as it is just plumbed for 1 sink right now - I'm not really savvy on that though, so don't know for sure)

*Replace 72" vanity w/ several spec. order pieces I've found at Lowes that would all fit together to look like 1 vanity

*Put up all new mirror to replace the ugly 70's version

*OR put up 2 seperate mirrors centered above each sink

*Replace the carpet (that's the bane of my existence) w/ tile

*The colors I'd like to use are Light blue & chocolate brown.

I want two sinks for sure. I also want to put the shower in, but am worried that putting a shower curtain up will make the room seem smaller (only about a 3 ft. walkway through there). We put glass shower doors on the shower in our master bath, but it is such a pain to clean & I can't count on the kids to keep up w/ the squegee-ing like dh & I do on ours! I think the glass doors would help keep it more open, though. Any other ideas??? Please give me your opinions!!!

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