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Why do insurance co's care about cosmetic house items?

4 years ago

We recently moved and have been working on remodeling the house for the past 4 months. One of the items on our list, but in the future, is to tear down part of the front porch. The porch looks more like a deck and goes along the whole front of the house. To me it makes it look like that's the back of the house. We'll leave a smaller porch just by the front door.

For now we have way more important things to work on. The porch is solid, no breaks in the wood flooring or the rails.

Apparently someone from our insurance carrier came by and decided we need to stain the porch. How does that pertain to insurance?? No one can get hurt if they walk on our porch and gasp! it needs stained!

Our agent is coming out today to discuss things - he's a broker I guess, finds us the best insurance company to use. About 2 years ago the company my husband had used for years lost it's good rating and we were switched to this company. We have 5 rental properties and they went to each one and decided one of them needed the garage painted. This was Nov in Ohio... not happening. My husband did paint it in the spring as he had already planned to do.

I just don't get it. Someone said it's pride of ownership... we're the owners, not the insurance company! If there's a fire are they going to pay more because we had a stained porch? Doubtful.

The property was a foreclosure. We've already spent thousands updating the house and we'll be working on the outside cosmetics when it warms up.

I don't know if this type of request is common nowadays or if it's just this company. If it's just this company I'd like to tell the broker to find us someone else. If they would like to lose all of our business then that's what will happen.

Has anyone else run into this?

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