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Need space designing help for my window seat

6 years ago

I would like to put in a window seat in a nook that exists in my dining room. Here are the measurements and photos of the room, it is adjacent to my kitchen and as you'll see that the window is not centered to the wall:

Here is my design for the window seat. If you have a better idea of how I should build this out, how the baseboard should wrap around, etc, I am interested in hearing!:

Now, my main dilemma.

I have a dog bed that needs to also sit in this dining area. Unfortunately there is no other place in the home for it. Doggie is well trained to go to her bed when people sit down to eat so the coexistence is peaceful.

The two options I am weighing are (pictures drawn below to illustrate visually):

Option 1: center the dining table to the off centered window, put in a wall to wall window seat, and put the dog bed along the 130" wall where it sits right now. The dining table will be flanked with 3 chairs, with the window seat acting as the 4th chair, and then a dining table backless bench serving as chair 5 & 6 on the side that it will share with dog bed. Here is a drawing:

Option 2: Build the window seat and add a built in dog bed at the end of the window seat wall, and center the dining table to the built in dining hutch. Again, 3 chairs + window seat + 2 seater bench around dining table

What should I do?

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